the wild & whimsical adventures of David

Until yesterday, David was leading a quiet life on a dresser in a lovely house by the sea. He wanted for nothing - perhaps a few clothes and a somewhat larger appendage... but he was content to just be.

He smiled to himself as a bouquet of rustic winter flowers was placed beside him and he was happy to be photographed with them because they were so pretty. Little did he know what lay in store...

Bundled carefully into a bag, the flowers into a bucket, David found himself transported to a wild and beautiful beach. There he was positioned in all sorts of places, with the flowers and alone, with other objects wild and whimsical. A man was walking along the beach, minding his own business, and the next thing David knew, the man had placed him, with the flowers on a large piece of driftwood, near the shore. More photographs. He felt happy and special, if a little cold. It was good being a statue, even if you were just a replica.

But happiness is only transient and the sea is a wild and unpredictable giant.

A wave from nowhere sent the man flailing and David was swept away. He lay beneath the water, for seconds which felt like minutes, waiting to be rescued.

The kind and brave man returned to the raging waters and David was recovered.

Excited and unharmed. He had never had such an adventure. Such stories he could tell if anyone would ever take him seriously. Stop treating him as an object.

His unknown rescuer disappeared into the distance.

The tide abated, as did David's happiness, only to return moments later (the happiness that is)...

That was when David realised that it was better to have had an adventure that didn't work

out as planned, than not to have had an adventure at all.

#wildandwhimsical #photography #beachwedding

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