pink revisited

It's a funny thing, but I've come to rather like pink.

In my art teacher life, I used to ban it as a colour. Kind of joking. Kind of serious. Even so, there was always one student every year who followed their pink heart and defied me (I liked that) producung a portfolio in shades of Barbie. Aaaargh...such an offence to my aesthetic senses!

And yet in the world of flowers, pink can be so beautiful. Especially when teamed with red - that old rule-breaker from way back. Pink in nature is so rich and diverse - so much more than white mixed with red. Dusky brownish hues, warm cerise, pale marshmellow, coral, rose. A myriad of variants.

So here are some of my pink creations - a wedding or two, Pretty bouquets. Even the odd chrysanthemum. Breaking my own rules now. I like that too.

Pink has clawed its way back into my heart, and it looks like it's there to stay.

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