adventures in norsewood

I should be feeling very excited right now. In an hour I should be boarding a plane bound for Amsterdam and tulips and flower markets and bicycles. I should be staying on a houseboat in the Jordaan with Annette and her cats, surrounded by a sea of blue and white tiled everything. Tomorrow morning I should be halfway there, alighting in Singapore for a day in the airport - a relaxing swim in the rooftop pool, a refreshing shower, a butterfly garden. But I'm going to Norsewood. No offence to Norsewood but I'm so disappointed I could cry. Buckets.

The dream trip to Europe has turned into a nightmare of ample proportions. Circumstances beyond my control and nothing at all to do with terrorism. It all fell apart just a few weeks ago. Just like that. The foodie flowery trip to France is a big fat fail.

I'm off to Norsewood instead.

And so I thought I'd treat you to a chronicle of travels and adventures over the three weeks that I was going to be in Amsterdam and Paris and Provence and Lisbon. A virtual tour for the faint-hearted and an attempt at bringing some light to the gloom. There'll probably be less photos than there would have been but you might be surprised at the beauty to be found in the most unlikely places.

There won't be any posts for a few days as where I'm going there's no wifi, and worse still, there's no coffee! I'm taking my camera and my notebook. I can scarcely wait.

Meanwhile I'll finish with a thought for the week, or longer if you like.

I went to a fantastic exhibition this morning at the local museum. One of my favourite New Zealand artists, Nigel Brown. Works from his personal collection, and so many treasures amongst them.

This one spoke to me the most today...

Each new day delivers little

unless you notice joy

sky + land + water

Where I'm going there'll be sky and land and water. My family. I'll have everything I need, except wifi and coffee. And I'm going to practise noticing joy.

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